The First Post

“Wanderer, your footsteps are

the road and nothing more;

wanderer, there is no road,

the road is made by walking.

Walking makes the road,

and turning to look behind

you see the path that you

will never tread again.

Wanderer, there is no road,

only foam trails on the sea.”


My mother used to recite us this lines when we were little, when we were overwhelmed by the thought of beginning a new task, afraid to fail and full of doubts. “Start it, now, that’s the toughest part, it will flow once you start it”. It was this way, indeed. From school homework to skating, from the mathematics new book to speaking in public, it was this way.

Nevertheless, I seemed to forget it from one time to the other. I have struggled for the last four months to write The First Post of this blog (in my head it shines in capital letters, note the drama), a bit paralyzed by the thought of looking pretentious or writing a nonsense. The tiny detail of English not being my mother tongue doesn’t help to vanish the anxiety.

So, here it is. Just as the poems says.

I just needed to write these footsteps.